Product Reaserch & Development Support

NASS offers its unique operational experience and understanding of security needs to companies that are developing new technologies, or are trying to maximize usage of existing solutions. A NASS specialist will work together with technical teams to provide required operational input, in order to successfully deploy the product in the market by meeting or exceeding needs and requirements of the Homeland Security industry. 


The NASS team is experienced in evaluating performance of security systems; we can provide clients with accurate analysis of security system performance, as well as support for technological companies in the implementation phase -- thereby supporting the commissioning phase, and integration of the new solution into the client’s operational environment. 


This support will include a field evaluation of installed system performances, integration with other security systems and the development of supporting operational protocols and procedures.


Product R&D services include:


  • Provision of S.M.E for New Security Related Technologies
  • Advanced C4I Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • PDA/Web/DB Security Applications
  • 3D Simulation Platforms
  • Computerized Security Preparedness Systems
  • CCTV Behavior Analysis Solutions
  • Vulnerability Analysis Software
  • RFID Applications