Business Intelligence (BI)

NASS believes in a broader sense of security, encompassing deep due diligence in order to safely invest, partner, sell, source, promote, donate, or otherwise do business in remote corners of the globe.  A logical extension of our “Total Security Solution”, whereby we integrate state-of-the art-technologies with the best human intelligence, NASS marries the same forces to provide critical business intelligence to stakeholders and decision-makers. 
Leveraging technology, coupled with specialized training and language skills of former “Mossad” and Israeli Defense Force 8200 (signals intelligence) specialists, NASS is able to provide discrete, legal and cost-effective due diligence services anywhere in the world.  We bring the same powerful capabilities employed by one of the most respected and effective government intelligence agencies to the private sector, at a time when global economic pressures have led to greater risks – ranging from individuals, business entities and governments merely cutting corners; to misrepresentation, outright fraud and even terrorist activity.
A typical client might be a fund or corporation investing in emerging markets, needing unbiased intelligence where language, cultural barriers and sparse information introduce new risks; a firm considering a new executive, partner or representative, whose seniority introduces “key man risk”; a multinational corporation, suspicious that protests against firm or product are being orchestrated by a competitor; a philanthropist donating to a cause, while ensuring the NGO’s reputation is pure and that funds are being honestly allocated.   The commonality is a need for actionable intelligence – not just information – the latter which is expanding at exponential rates and introducing noise.  Information overload often clouds the truth and thwarts the decision-making process.
Typically, we are first retained to perform due diligence in a less familiar region like the Middle East, Russia, South America or China – where our contacts on the ground, language skills, rigorous methodology, and specialized training can safely guide clients.  Furthermore, because we employ signals intelligence to focus our due diligence before further research on the ground is required, we can move faster, more efficiently, and more economically than competitors. Yet our work “on the frontier” often leads back to assignments on the client’s home turf in a more developed market, where the same principles and methodology apply.  Employing language and industry specialists when needed, we consider ourselves experts first at intelligence – identifying red flags anywhere – which transcends borders and industries. 
Our services fall into the following four categories: 
1.    Deep Due Diligence (3D). Example: cross referencing open source and semi-open (paid databases) information in multiple European languages and Arab dialects on a subject, combined with “boots on the ground” interviews conducted in Mandarin throughout China.
2.    Competitive Intelligence (CI).  Example:  ongoing monitoring of open source information, revealing a competitor’s hiring trends that might telegraph a new investment or product launch.
3.    Ideological Intelligence (II).  Example: A donor looking into the credentials and spending patterns of a Non-Government Organization (NGO) in Israel, or an NGO looking to efficiently target appropriate new donors around-the-world.
4.    Business Intelligence (BI).  Examples range from identification of assets around the world on behalf of a law firm holding a judgment, tracing these assets back to entities controlled or funded by terrorist nations; a background investigation into a potential new business partner; a thorough analysis of open source information telegraphing an African government’s likely actions in an industry.
Retained by some of the world’s largest investment funds and multinational organizations, discretion is our hallmark yet references are available.  A U.S.-based representative can will work with you directly to understand your needs and provide scope, time frame and estimated cost in a timely manner.