Design and Engineering


Most airport buildings (particularly terminals) have been designed and built in the pre-9/11 era. Design criteria of the time did not call for security consideration, and therefore are not adequate to meet security threats and challenges of today's vulnerabilities. These include terminal building collapse or “flying glass” hazards resulting from a terrorist attack, which are among the more probable and most dangerous threats in today’s airport security environment.


This critical vulnerability can be mitigated substantially by leveraging Intelligent Security Engineering tools.

NASS engineering and security professionals have teamed to develop and implement hardening solutions to existing buildings, as well as on projects at conceptual design or detailed design stages.


NASS’ advantage is that we do not commit our solutions to a limited engineering approach, but rather seek the most cost-effective solutions through integration with Security Operating Procedures, as well as state-of-the-art technological security system deployment.


NASS' professional concept is based on the integration of:


  • Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Operational Procedures.


None of the above factors can deliver the desired result without the other two.


NASS professionals have extensive hands-on experience as security operators, enhanced by perspective formed from working on many TVA projects at leading airports worldwide. This expertise has culminated in deep understanding of how technology systems should be applied in the airport environment in the most effective and efficient manner -- maximum results with cost reduction.


The need to integrate a variety of different systems among themselves, alongside human and operational factors, can be seen in the design of modern Security & Public Safety Control centers (ISPSC).


NASS' ISPSC concept is aimed at:


  • Improved routine management
  • Improved preparedness
  • Early detection of threats
  • Quick and effective response
  • Effective incident management
  • Effective rescue and recovery


NASS' ISPSC solutions integrate all accessible information available (databases, GIS, etc.) with output of the various security systems, human resources and operational procedures, in order to mitigate security and safety threats.


This is achieved by deploying state-of-the-art Information Technology platforms, such as PSIM or other emerging information integration systems, which have been configured by NASS to address customer needs.