Behavior Pattern Recognition™ (BPR) for the School Active Shooter

In 2002 as a result of the Columbine School Massacre the United States Secret Service and the U.S. Department of Education released the “Safe Schools Initiative” report that studied numerous school active shooter incidents from 1974 to 2000. This report emphasized that they were not able to establish a “PROFILE” of the typical school shooter however; it did state that in 93% of the active shooter incidents the attacker did display several “BEHAVIORAL PRE-CURSORS” that were similar and concerning to others PRIOR to the commission of the act.

NASS has teamed with Strategos International to create doctrine and training for “Behavioral Pattern Recognition™ (BPR) for the School Active Shooter. Strategos ( ) has extensive experience in training over 13,000 school, faith based, healthcare and workplace organizations related to real, practical and effective solutions in 3 phases of “active shooter & intruder response” crisis incidents . . . PREVENTION, RESPONSE and AFTER ACTION.

NASS and Strategos experience combined makes this course a must attend for SCHOOL personnel (administrators, teachers, staff) and LAW ENFORCEMENT personnel. (SRO’s, Supervisors & Front Line Officers)    

“Behavior Pattern Recognition for School Active Shooters” course primarily focuses on the PREVENTION phase of active shooter incidents. A smaller portion of the course provides an overview of a few RESPONSE and AFTER ACTION strategies related to lockdown, lockdown failure and after action response.

Topics Covered:

  • School Active Shooter Incidents – Evolution of School Attackers, Law Enforcement and School Personnel Response
  • Mental Health Correlation to School Attacks
  • Violence in Movies & Video Games Correlation to the School Shooter
  • Review of 2002 Safe Schools Initiative & 2008 S.S.I. Bystanders Study
  • Operation Environment Analysis & Assessment
  • Observing and Eliciting Behavior
  • Body Language Indicators for Concealed Armed Individuals
  • Approaches, Interviews and Impressions of Student Voluntary Encounters
  • Access Control & Credential Management
  • Incorporation of “De-escalation Philosophy” throughout BPR Methodology
  • Targeted Conversations
  • Lockdown & Lockdown Failure Protocols
  • What to expect from Law Enforcement Response to the School Shooters
  • Medical Response to the School Attack
  • Suspicious Object Response (SOR)
  • Preparation & Communication – Educating Parents & The Community as to their Role
  • Coping with the Crisis After Action – Physical Response & Emotional/Psychological Response