Behavior Pattern Recognition (BPR)

BPR™ is a tactical tool for detection of suspicious terrorist and criminal behavior prior to an attack. It is designed as a preventive methodology, using unique behavior features of people involved in an extreme unlawful activity. BPR™ is not limited to Behavior Detection, but provides a full phased process to follow the detection up to the point of sufficient actionable information.


BPR™ was developed by NASS in the U.S. for use in American airports shortly after 9/11, and incorporates many lessons learned from various terrorist attacks around the world.


Oriented towards the human factor in terrorist attacks, BPR™ fills the gap left by the common airport security approach that relies on detection of banned items, and ignores the people who carry them. BPR™'s importance is illustrated through the limited detection provided by existing technologies -- such as the “Liquid Issue”, as well as the famous “Shoe Bomber” who managed to take his device across the security checkpoint.


Additional advantages of BPR™ comprise mitigation of “Racial Profiling”, and a proactive methodology that increases deterrence.


BPR™ is implemented successfully in a wide range of leading airports in the U.S., E.U., and Asia.


NASS also offers a "Train the Trainer" option for this program.