Suvarnabhumi  International Airport (Bangkok, Thailand)


The US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) provided a grant to Thai Airways International
Public Company Limited to facilitate technical assistance for a threat assessment and security implementation plan for Thai Airways operations at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Thai Airways hired NASS to analyze threats, define security requirements, design all security systems, issue bid document and implementation supervision.


The scope entailed:

Task 1: Perform Threat Assessment,
Task 2: Perform Security Audit and Prepare Aviation Security Policy & Plan,
Task 3: Assess Training Requirements, Task 4: Identify Environmental Concerns,
Task 5: Develop Performance Based Plans and Specifications,

Task 6: Implementation Advisory Assistance.


The Threat Assessment and Security Implementation Plan for Thai Airways Operations at Suvarnabhumi Airport defined a security policy and framework for detailed security resources to be operational at the new
airport. Thai Airways operates six key aviation-related business units for the airline and service several others
including: Cargo and Mail, Catering, Ground Support, Operations Center, Aircraft Maintenance Center and Customer Service Center. The Threat Assessment and Security Implementation Plan included a detailed assessment and security system requirements for the six areas of operations (more then 50 buildings) and ensure that the security systems and procedures are compatible and seamless with the overall security
plan for the new airport. The assessment and plans rely upon the most recent security requirements identified by the ICAO, FAA, and U.S. Department of Homeland Security as they relate to Thai
Airways operations and security implementation plan.


NASS Provide detailed design drawings plans andspecification for specific site installation of equipment and systems including:

  • Design of advanced CCTV system that includes hundreds of deferent type of cameras connected to digital networked system.
  • Design a state of the art networked access control system for all facilities including biometric identification features, local and centralized ID offices, secure and redundant data bases and more.
  • Design of advanced centralized command and control centers (SOC and EOC) including local SOC (5 locations), centralized SOC and EOC at Thai operation center to control local and remote operation of
    the airline.
  • Design of security employee and crew security checkpoint at the deferent facilities incorporation ID verification functions (biometric) and advanced processing methodologies.
  • Design of vehicle tracking technology.
  • Design of perimeter intrusion detection system (CCTV based).
  • Design of Cargo screening operations for all types of cargo.


NASS is currently providing Thai Airways with on-going support that includes both task-order contracts and supervision of the implementation of security systems to guarantee the successful implementation
of the project.