Athens International Airport- Greece

NASS was contracted by AIA to plan and assist the airport to comply with the new EU
security regulations (EU 2320). The new regulation focuses on upgrading the access control
operations to the critical part of the airport including full screening of all employees, crew members, vehicles and supplies entering the restricted area. The new requirement calls for large investment in new and
modified infrastructure throughout the airport, changes of operational procedures and integration of advanced technology to support the new operation.


In order to comply with the new regulation NASS and the airport had to develop a comprehensive security plan that included:

  • Design new vehicle and employee screening checkpoints including, weapons detection systems, electronic access control systems, deferent surveillance technologies (design to bid level including
    layout and specs).
  • Enhancements of exiting access control system by adding additional locations changing zoning, adding rules to the system and more.
  • Reconfiguration of employees movement patterns to support both operational and security needs.
  • Compliance with fire and safety codes.
  • Statistical analysis of employees, vehicles and passengers flow.
  • Integration of access control CCTV and alarms into the GIS based control center.
  • Perimeter protection.
  • Development of new Protocols and security training.