Massport- Logan International Airport (BOS)


NASS lead the reshape of security operations at Logan International airport after the tragic event of September 11 2001. The goal of this project was to create a comprehensive airport security system that will challenge the new terrorists threats apposed on the aviation industry in the US and to
position Massport as the Nations’ leader in Airport security.


NASS conducted a 5 years review audit at Logan airport in order to review the security level of Logan International airport. The review included a review of the implementation of the recommendations from the
previous report in addition to introducing new security concepts and trends in response to the new threats. One of the main issues NASS focused on was the matter of 100% employee screening.


In 2010 NASS carried out a full threat and vulnerability assessment for the entire Massport airport system which includes Logan International Airport, Hanscom Field and Worcester Airport. The Report covered
the entire security spectrum of all three airports including national and international security compliance, physical security, organization andtechnological. NASS also works closely with Massport’s management in creating a prioritization plan for implementing the different recommendation in the most
effective way both in terms of security and costs.


Some of the items covered in all three projects include
the following:

  • Threat Analysis and Vulnerability Analysis,
  • Analysis of the CCTV System architecture and development of a cost effective solution to upgrade the systems performance and capability,
  • Analysis of the Networked Access Control System architecture and development of a cost effective solution to upgrade the systems performance and capability including evaluation of pilot biometric access control pilot programs.
  • Development of Intrusion Detection System concept and development of a cost effective solution to protect the waterfront at the Airport.
  • Support the design and implementation of HBS system
  • Support the design of facility hardening and security systems solutions
  • Design and audit of required security systems, procedures, and training needs
  • Ongoing support to the airport security department
  • Mitigation Planning & Implementation
  • Training and BPRÔ – Behavior Pattern Recognition