> Rafi Ron, President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ron is the former Director of Security at Tel Aviv Ben-Gurion International Airport and the Israel Airport Authority and is currently President of New Age Security Solutions.
Mr. Ron is a world-leading security expert on aviation, maritime and law enforcement with more than 30 years of Israeli and worldwide security-related experience and has been recognized by federal and state authorities as an important contributor to the national security of the United States
He is a Business Partner of Airport Council International, a member of ACI World Standing Security Committee, a member of IATA’s and ACI’s Global Aviation Security Action Group (GASAG). Mr. Ron has received the Airport Council International (ACI) and IATA Award of Excellence for Lifetime Service. Mr. Ron has provided testimony to Congress on matters of homeland security on various occasions.


> NASS Professional Team

The NASS professional team consists of security specialists who are veterans of the internationally acclaimed security system and have experience in European, Asian and US airports, seaports, and law enforcement agencies. NASS works closely with key American and internationally recognized security experts to ensure its compliance with legal, cultural and operational environments. Each NASS specialist has extensive field experience and has held senior level management positions in various government security agencies.
Moreover, NASS’ security consultants are highly experienced in training security and non-security personnel at various levels of security-related training programs. Such programs have been deployed by team members at Ben Gurion Airport, Boston’s Logan International Airport, the New York Police Department, Miami International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, BAA – UK, Bangkok International Airport, and many more, where they have proven to be highly efficient and successful.