NASS is a Security Consulting, Design and Training firm based in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area , specializing in Aviation and other security needs.


NASS was founded shortly after 9-11, by internationally respected Aviation and Transportation Security expert, Rafi Ron, to provide high quality, effective, efficient and feasible solutions to the global security community.


Since its establishment, NASS has developed an extensive record of completed projects that include many of the most recognizable airports and secured systems in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.


NASS’ unique blend of “Total Security Solution” integrates state-of-the art-technologies with expert human understanding of threats and the operational environment to create a seamless, integrated working security solution, which balances technology and personnel.


NASS is globally recognized for the quality of its services and its groundbreaking "Total Security Solution".  This includes the world-renowned BEHAVIOR PATTERN RECOGNITION (BPR) program, which changed the way security is deployed in transportation facilities worldwide.


Security is not just our business; it is our MISSION!